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Some Remembrances of Richard Nakagawa
by Robert Hobdy


I first met Richard when he was working at the Olinda Bird Restoration Facility, but don't remember the exact year. I remember Fern Duvall mentioning to me that, although it was not in his job description, Richard had taken a real interest in the native plants that were being grown around the facility as a source of food for the birds. Fern often mentioned the care Richard was giving the plants and some of the things he was trying to improve toward their growth and survivability.

A couple of years later, we had a job opening for a Forestry Nurseryman, and I suggested to Fern that Richard should apply for it if he was interested. He was. I interviewed a few applicants, some with some nursery experience, but I was impressed by Richard's natural interest in growing and caring for plants. After evaluating all the applicants, I came to the conclusion that this natural interest was the most important quality I was looking for, and that the rest could be acquired and taught. I never regretted this choice.



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