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'Awikiwiki Exclosure

This exclosure primarily protects a stand of 'awikiwiki (Canevalia pubscens). Hao (Rauvolfia sandwicensis) also grows in the exclosure.  

See Jupiter Nielsen's photos of the exclosure in February 2010

The exclosure used to be surrounded by a'ali'i (it looks nothing like this today), with some alahe'e. In the last few years, the feral goat population has exploded in the area, and nearly everything has been eaten. Apparently alahe'e taste the worst to goats, as those are the least damaged plants.  Five to ten years ago, you saw signs of goats, but you didn't see a scene like that below, taken during the October 2007 service trip. How many goats can you see?

 This bleached skeleton used to be an a'ali'i about  five feet tall and six feet across.
 The feral goats ate all of the rest of it.
 Both photos by Irene Newhouse, 2007

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