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Kahului Library Courtyard Project

The Kahului Library Courtyard has been planted and maintained by the NHPS for over 20 years. For many years, Eda Kinear was its caretaker.  The centerpiece is a naio tree.  Other plants include naupaka, 'ahu'awaKupukupu, Palapalai, ‘IhiHedyotis littoralis, ‘Uki’uki, ‘Ūlei, ‘Ihi’ihilauākea, Mau’u ‘aki ‘aki,  ‘Ēkaha (Bird’s nest fern), ‘Ae’ae, Pa’u-o-hi’iaka, ‘Ala’ala wai nūi, and Nohu.  The cast of plants may change at any time - the area is on an irrigation timer, and the amount of water is not healthy for the dry land natives that would have grown in the area originally. Current Project Leader is Lorna Hazen. 

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